Bangkok Perfume

Scent Collection

Scent of Flora

The floral scent enhances your innate, understated charm. It is crafted from a harmonious blend of flowers and plants from around the world to create a sweet and captivating fragrance.

Scent of Fruity

The fruity scent adds a touch of sexiness, allure, and intrigue that catches every gaze. It is crafted from a carefully selected blend of tropical and temperate fruits, each chosen to create that unique, captivating aroma.

Scent of Aromatic Fresh

The citrus scent adds freshness, cleanliness, and invigoration.

With Essential Oils

Scent of Aromatic Green

The aromatic scent provides a feeling of freshness, vitality, confidence, and independence.

Scent of Green

The scent of forests and meadows enhances freshness, purity, and a natural, green vitality, much like the aroma of a rain-soaked tropical forest or newly budding trees.

Scent of Woody

The woody scent, with its captivating, deep, and intriguing aroma, is as alluring as the charm of a charismatic man who can captivate beautiful women.” (This sentence was previously translated in a similar context.

With Essential Oils

Scent of Oriental

The floral fragrance, enriched with a variety of sweet woodsy notes and blended with Vanilla and Amber, enhances a feeling of exquisite sweetness, warmth, and high-class beauty, much like an elegant and tall French lady