Bangkok Perfume

YOUR BRAND Private Labeling

We create the odor scents for your concept, texture, design and benefits as well as packaging and labeling, our team experts of service to create the products of your desire.


The production process steps

1. Standard Scents

Scents samples test are available 15 ml. for sell 250 bath on your selection


2. Private Scents

Development lead time of new scents: 2-4 weeks in developing new scents and minimum order should be more over 50 liters. In case of any new or special raw material required, the developing lead time 1 – 2 months


The production process steps

Retail Packaging

Packaging can be chosen from our collection standard packaging or can be arranged with the supplier of customer’s choice. The list of recommended suppliers is available upon request.

Applicable to the retail packaging of both standard and exclusive product, the full assessment of Leaking Test and Compatibility test must be done period to production process, specifically Exclusive Products of new development.


The production process steps

Working duration and lead time

  •  Lead time of 2 weeks for perfume products development
  •  Lead time of 3 – 4 weeks for stability tester and compatibility tester
  •  Lead time of 4 weeks for finished design packaging and bottle label
  •  Lead time of 1-2 weeks for filling and packing of retail packaging
  • Total lead time of 4 – 8 months: for the complete process
  • Total lead time of 4 weeks: for the production lead time of labeling (screening/sticker)
  • Total lead time of 2 – 8 weeks: for the production lead time of private label and packaging